External Elevations

Existing elevation drawings refer to detailed representations of the external façades of a building as it currently stands. These drawings are created to document and depict the current appearance, dimensions, and features of the building’s exterior. They are essential for various purposes, including:

Documentation: Existing elevation drawings serve as a record of the building’s current condition. They document the architectural features, structural elements, and aesthetic characteristics of the building at a specific point in time.

Renovation and Restoration: Architects and designers use existing elevation drawings as a basis for renovation or restoration projects. By analysing the current elevations, they can identify areas for improvement, preservation of historical features, or updates to the building’s appearance.

Planning and Development: Existing elevation drawings are valuable in urban planning and development projects. Planners and developers use these drawings to assess the existing built environment, understand the context of a site, and make informed decisions about future development proposals.

Historical Preservation: In cases where buildings have historical significance, existing elevation drawings are crucial for preservation efforts. They provide detailed documentation of the building’s original design and architectural features, aiding in restoration projects and heritage conservation initiatives.

Code Compliance: Existing elevation drawings may be used to assess a building’s compliance with current building codes and regulations. They help identify any discrepancies or non-compliant elements that may need to be addressed during renovations or upgrades.

Property Evaluation: Real estate professionals and property appraisers may use existing elevation drawings to evaluate the condition and value of a building. These drawings provide valuable information about the building’s exterior condition and overall architectural quality.

Existing elevation drawings play a significant role in documenting, analysing, and planning changes to buildings and their surroundings. They serve as a valuable tool for architects, planners, developers, preservationists, and other stakeholders involved in the built environment.

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