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land survey
Often referred to as topographical survey, is recommended for all sites/projects where investments are to be made.
This type of survey can help you to determine the real world position and dimensions of different features on your property, both natural and man made, e.g. building footprint and height, boundary position, terrain level, walls, fences, trees, stumps, banks and vegetation, etc. 
There are many types of land surveys, some of them called:
Monitoring surveys – are used to determine and monitor if an objective (building, bridge, wall, etc.) is recording any deformation (3D movements) on any axis XYZ.
As-built surveys – are used to verify if the objective has been constructed according to its design or even to compare the progression between two construction stages.
Mapping surveys – are used to create detailed topographical plans for the area of interest.
The topographical plan is a map, the product of a land survey carried out using a Total Station and a GPS System after the collected data has been processed using specialised software.
Setting-Out surveys –  This type of survey is required when you want to materialise in the field a designed project. It is used to determine the position of future buildings, roads, properties or any other kind of future investment.
measured building survey

Measured Building Survey

Using the latest technology, 3D laser scanners, available on the market at the moment we provide professional measured building surveys and we deliver accurate and high-quality technical drawing plans of the surveyed objective.

We have experience in surveying and creating 2D drawing plans for any type of building, from small residential houses to large and complex industrial, commercial, office buildings, education or retail buildings.

Benefits of a 3D Laser Survey

2D Drawings we produce

surveying services

CAD Drafting Service

Point Cloud – to CAD Drawings

We also offer our support to other professionals who are in possession of point cloud data. Using the data you provide we can extract and prepare the drawing plans you require. In this case, the drawing plans prepared will be drawn to a precise scale at your choice.

Paper – to CAD Drawings

From old paper plans, we can transform the information into digital drawings plans. In this case, the drawing scale is slightly different but very close to the original drawing scale.



The technical drawing plans we produce can be used for preparing the documentation for planning application, extensions, design, building refurbishment, can be used for building repurpose, property valuation, interior building design, heritage, recordings or other construction-related applications.
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