Reflected Ceiling Plans

Reflected Ceiling Plans (RCPs) are architectural drawings that depict the layout of ceilings within a building. They provide a top-down view of the ceiling, showing the placement of lighting fixtures, air vents, sprinklers, fans, speakers, and any other elements that are attached to or installed within the ceiling.

RCPs typically show the ceiling as if it were reflected onto a mirror on the floor below, giving viewers a sense of how the ceiling features would appear from below. This helps architects, engineers, and builders understand the spatial relationships and arrangements of various elements within the ceiling, aiding in the planning and construction process.

RCPs are crucial for coordinating various building systems. For example, they help ensure that lighting fixtures do not interfere with HVAC ductwork or sprinkler systems. Coordinating these elements on the RCP helps prevent conflicts during construction or refurbishment.
Like other architectural drawings, RCPs are typically drawn to scale, with symbols and notations used to represent different ceiling features and components. Standardised symbols and conventions are often employed to ensure clarity and consistency across drawings. 
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